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All postcards are 10.7 x 15.0 cm, either in horizontal or vertical shape.


Postcards are printed on 285g/m² thick paper with laminated gloss on the front.


See the discount codes for larger order amounts at the bottom of the Postcards page.

​Practical Guides

What is a Practical Guide?

​How To City Practical Guide is a ​pdf format guide that is aimed to make your travel and travel planning easier, with a reasonable price. A Practical Guide helps you to concentrate on the more fun part of both before your trip and during it. They are aimed especially for travellers who prefer public transportation and both doing and planning things on their own. Planning a trip is definitely part of the fun, but trying to figure out exactly where to find the airport bus stop is probably not the most exciting part of it… These guides should save around 1-5 hours of your planning time, compared to that you would collect the information by yourself.

What is included in the Guides?

Each Guide is a bit different, you can see the contents in the Practical Guides page and in shop. Most Guides have information about airport transfer, public transportation, list useful phrases in local language, small tips e.g. is the tap water drinkable etc. Depending on the guide there might be some tips relating to the sights, accommodation and food, but they are not the main focus, as you will find detailed information about them easily elsewhere.

What is not included?

Practical Guides do not list restaurants, hotels or wide range of sights, although some Guides have tips relating to them too. The individual product pages in the shop also list the exclusions, see them by clicking the Buy button below the relevant Guide.

Are there paid or sponcored content, can the tips be trusted?

The guides include information that I have searched for my own trips and tested in practice. There is no sponcored content, so if I recommend a restaurant, hotel or other business, it is just because I liked it and think you might like it too.

Why pay for this?

​Most of this information is available on internet for free, but usually it is not in very detailed level and you may have to visit several sites to get a piece from here and there. The idea of these guides is to put together the information on a detailed level into one pdf file that you can easily either print before your trip, or save to your mobile device and read on the go.

The Practical Guides are not meant to replace all other guide books and websites, but to cover the certain part more thoroughly, with informative pictures and photos. I like traditional travel guide books too and many times buy them in addition to the information I collect online. The problem with them is that they usually try to cover everything, for example by listing all routes from airport to city, but not on a very detailed level. Therefore you most likely will pay for information that you don’t need and still not get everything you need.




All stickers are different size, you can see the size by clicking the picture or at the shop.            



All stickers are made of glossy coated vinyl. The manufacturer describes the material as durable and weatherproof.


All products have been designed by Jarmo Leppinen.



The products and product descriptions are in English only unless otherwise mentioned, but the shop itself works also in Finnish, Spanish and German. Choose the language from the upper right corner of the shop front page.


You can pay with the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Discover and JCB.

Finnish customers can also pay with bank buttons (Nordea, OP, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki, Aktia, Säästöpankki, Oma Säästöpankki and POP Pankki).


Shop provider

The shop and payment system are provided by Holvi Payment Services Ltd. Holvi Payment Services Ltd is regulated and licensed to operate across the EU by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA) as an Authorised Payment Institution (

Downloading digital products (Practical Guides)

After the payment you will see the Download button on the confirmation page in the shop. You will also receive a confirmation email with a link to the download.

Use either one of the links to download your product. 


Please note that you can download the product only three times, so make sure you save it to yourself. The download link expires in six months. In case you have trouble with the download, let me know and I will makes sure you will get your product.



Postage fee for stickers and postcards is EUR 3.00, no matter how much you order. Products will be sent by regular mail.

Practical Guides are sent by email, so they do not have a postage fee.


All prices include 24 % VAT.

Privacy Policy

Read How To City's Privacy policy here

Social Media

How To City social media accounts are:

Instagram: howtocity_official

Twitter: howtocity_offic

Facebook: How To City

LinkedIn: How To City

You will also find the social media links in the bottom banner on every page on this site, and in Contact page.

What is How To City?

How To City is a sole proprietorship company, founded by Jarmo Leppinen in August 2017 and registered to the Finnish Trade Register. At the moment How To City provides Practical Guides to make your travel easier, and stickers and postcards to make your surroundings more colourful.

More answers needed?

Use the message box on Contact page or send an email to

Postcards - Practical Guides - Stickers - Design - Shop - Postage - Tax - Privacy Policy - Social Media - What is How To City?

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