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Travel bloopers

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

My travels have been very safe and no major problems have occurred, but now and then happens something unexpected. It might feel funnier later than at that moment…

In the last blog post about packing I bragged that I can manages six days with just backpack without spare shoes or jeans. In Vienna 2016 I wasn’t so sure when trying to dry my shoes and jeans with a hairdryer after a rain storm at Rock in Vienna festival. Luckily the weather was nice for the next days.

The only time ever when I’ve been asked to show my ID when buying alcohol was on my 30th birthday. That was on my “things to experience before I’m 30” list, so thank you Murray’s Cheese in Greenwich Village, NY!

In 2015 I went to an organized group trip in Saint Petersburg to see an ice hockey game. We had a bus to take us from the hotel to the arena. It was Friday, about 4.30 pm, so it took 2 hours and 20 minutes to travel the 12 kilometres. But the organizers knew that, so we were there in good time to see the game. Those who took the metro were there in 30 minutes…

When on a business trip in Copenhagen in 2011 I checked in to my hotel and went to the room. First thing I noticed was a large suitcase in the corner. The table looked quite messy too, with food and wrappers. It took a minute or two to realise that the room was not only left uncleaned, but someone was still staying there. Good thing that he was not there at that moment! The receptionist could have apologized a bit more when giving me a new room.

Have you been in Louvre or Hermitage museums? Followed the room map and always known where you are, never passed the same painting for the fourth time and wondered how you ended up there again? No?

The only two times the airport security gates have beeped for me was on my way to Stockholm and back in 2013. I was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt both times…

When you know a little bit of the local language, think you understood the question, answer confidently yes or no, and realise from the look that you didn’t understood at all…

In Saint Petersburg 2017 I had a junior suite in a decent but inexpensive three star hotel. At one night the shower handle fell off when I turned it. Luckily it went back easily, so no problem.

In Gothenburg 2016 I came to my hotel at midnight after a concert and found out that the shower handle was stuck at boiling hot. I spent only one night in that hotel, so didn’t bother to change room at midnight and just bathed over the sink. Sure it was the cheapest hotel available, but still four stars…

At JFK airport in 2012 I was looking for something to spend my last dollars on before flying home. There were boxes of chocolate in a chest high pile. I took the top one to take a look and the pile started to collapse. I tried to hold the pile and probably looked pretty comical doing that. The shop personnel noticed the falling pile and came to the rescue. I sneaked away thinking that maybe they don’t remember me the next time. At least I didn’t see same kind of chocolate box piles the next time, so maybe they learned something…

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Vienna Wien
Museums Quartier, Vienna 2016.

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