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From idea to product

Here is a brief description of how one idea turned into a product. 1. Thinking about sticker ideas. What things are related to travel and which one of them could work as a sticker? 2. As public transportation is an essential part of the Practical Guides, pictures of buses, trams etc. could work. 3. Searching photos of buses etc. and finding a suitable one. 4. Using the photo as a model for drawing a bus frame in Photoshop. 5. Developing the drawing, e.g. making the tyres look more 3D. 6. Cursing oneself for not saving the file frequently enough and not using different layers in Photoshop. Doing the same things two or three times. 7. Getting the bus profile ready, trying different colours and texts. 8. Deciding the colours and texts for the first order. 9. Doing the final design in sticker manufacturer’s site, e.g. the size and the white frames. 10. Getting the stickers by mail and putting them on sale!

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